Syndicate Bank Loan Against property

Syndicate Bank

Features -Syndicate Bank Loan Against Property 



For any genuine business / personal credit needs /Consumption Purpose

(Not for speculative and specifically prohibited purposes


a. Term Loan for consumption and business purpose

b. Overdraft facility for business purpose

Target group

Bonafide owners of residential or commercial property standing in their own name

Eligibility criteria

Salaried class and Non Salaried Class

Quantum of finance

Salaried : 10 times the Net Annual Income

Non salaried: 10 times the Gross Annual Income based on the three years average income, IT return of last 3 years compulsory

Both Salaried and Non salaried: Clubbing of spouse income backed by IT return.

For Consumption purpose: Maximum Ceiling is restricted to `100.00 lakhs.

For business purposes, up to `500.00 lakhs –Under Retail Credit

However, no maximum ceiling is prescribed for business purposes other than Real Estate


Party having adequate net worth and acceptable to the Bank.


Salaried Class: In equated monthly installments not exceeding 120 months for Salaried class persons.

Non Salaried Class: Repayment Schedule may be fixed at monthly/quarterly/Half yearly /Yearly intervals based on the type of activity the borrower is engaged and income generation in case of Non Salaried persons, with maximum period of 120 months.

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